September 30, 2014

Castro Camping 2014

Our  year of outdoor adventure continues with the yearly Castro Camping trip at Mt. Madonna county park.  Kristen and Eric decided to tag-team this one, with Kristen taking Friday night duty, the whole family hanging out together on Saturday, and Eric being in charge Saturday night.  It worked out to be a great time, and we didn't get rained on like last year.  Nathaniel found a gang of little brothers about his age to join up with, and had a great time showing everyone that they could climb the stumps as well as the big kids.  There was also an outbreak of World Peace vs. World Death factions among the older kids which left all of the parents wondering as much as you probably are now.  The factions seemed to have formed around various wilderness forts that got built and then subsequently torn down, only to be rebuilt.  Somewhere along the line, a banana slug got some serious bling.

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