September 29, 2014

School Time!

Lillian and Nathaniel both started school on August 19th. Nathaniel in his first year of preschool and Lillian in second grade. Starting them on the same day was a little hectic, but it worked out well. Nathaniel has been seeing his big sister go off to school every day for all his life. Now he get's to be a big boy and go to school too. The preschool teachers all asked us if he had already been to school, because they had never seen a child so confident and calm on their first day. Lillian has been claiming some credit for playing school so much with him.

Lillian has taken to writing this year. On a day off from school she decided to write and illustrate her own book. The results were pretty awesome!

Lilly Loves Chickens  By Lillian Husky

Hi, I am Lilly, I was just remembering about when I was a little kid.

When I was a kid I went to camp (like a lot of you do) and my favorite camp was Deer Hollow Farm camp. When we went in the chicken coop , there I chased chickens.

One day when I went to the chickens it was closed. My mom said it was because wolves were eating the chickens. I pleaded to the farmers to open it back up but they would not.

When I was a bit older. I was walking in the country. I saw a sign saying farm selling 4 miles east. I was so happy I went and bought my chicken farm. Now I chase chickens every day. The End.

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