August 17, 2011

Face Painting

Last week some of our friends brought face paint to the park. After one of the artistically inclined grown-ups painted the kids faces (and arms and legs as requested), we let the kids experiment with painting themselves, this mostly involved painting each others hands and feet purple. Jessie's mom Kathy, being a brave sole, let the kids have a shot at painting her face.

Aunt Diane

This past week Lillian's Grammy Elaine came to visit and she brought along her sister Diane. We were delighted to host Aunt Diane for the week. Diane hadn't seen Lillian since she was two and was amazed by what a little lady she has become.

Saturday we piled into the car and went to a beautiful beach spot that we discovered last winter. The beach at Seal Cove was mostly empty and unlike most other California beaches the waves are small thanks to some offshore rocks that serve as a natural breakwater at low tide. The rocky tide-pools of nearby Fitzgerald Marine Reserve also serve as a fun diversion from playing in the sand. Aunt Diane also discovered another cool feature of the beach: sea glass. The Sea glass is probably a remnant of the beach's history as a spot for "rum runner's" during prohibition. Lillian and Diane had a great time searching the beach for little gems of sea glass hidden in the sand.

On Sunday we made a trip up to Coyote Point to spend some time at the gigantic magic mountain playground and enjoy a nice dinner in Burlingame. The castle and dragon themed playground was super crowded and Lillian was pretty intimidated by all the big kids playing on the huge castle-like play structure and retreated to the smaller toddler sized play are with the friendly dragon to climb.

August 5, 2011

Funny Faces!

Lately, every-time we pull out the camera and ask Lillian to smile for me she makes a goofy face at the camera and then asks to see what the picture looks like (The girl has no idea how lucky we are to have instant access to photos, last week she saw a Goofy cartoon with an old style camera and we had to explain the concept of "film" to her). Of course when I try to take a picture of Lillian picnicking with her friends Rebecca and Ellie at last night's Thursday Night Live I get three goofy faces posing for the camera and a mob of kids who want to see what the pictures look like.