January 30, 2014

Christmas in Phoenix (only one month late)

We made our annual trek to Phoenix to spend Christmas with Grammy and Pop Pop. Our visit was packed to the brim with family, friends, food and fun. Here are a few pictures from our trip.


January 22, 2014

Sunny in the City

It's been a particularly warm and sunny winter here in northern California. Normally we would be getting rainstorms passing through every week or two, but not this year, in fact we haven't had any significant rainfalls since the freak September rainstorm rained out our camping plans.This weekend we decided to take advantage of all the sunshine and take a trip up to Dolores park in San Francisco. It seemed like a perfect choice, it's central location, brand new playground and outstanding skyline views make it an ideal choice on a warm winter day. Apparently hundreds of other San Franciscans made the same choice that day. The park was packed with people soaking up the mid winter sunshine and watching the setting sun sparkle on the skyscrapers. Once we had tired of the park we headed to Mission street for diner and then had some bonus playground time with an awesome merry-go-round on Valencia street before heading home for the night.

January 8, 2014

Little Readers

Sitting around and reading is a popular pastime around here. Lillian has become an expert reader, moving from short picture books into longer form chapter books. She and her daddy are working their way through the How to Train Your Dragon series and Lillian is hooked! Nathaniel loves looking at board books, especially if they have pictures of heavy machinery.