April 24, 2011

Babies on Parade

This weekend we got together with some of our friends to march in Mountain View's Annual Spring Family Parade. The adults felt a tiny bit self-conscious when we noticed that all the other groups had matching costumes, decorations and banners and we didn't have any of those things. We did have some cute, excited little girls on bikes and a truck full of farm animals from Deer Hollow farm to follow so it turned out alright. The carnival at the end of the parade route with it's bouncy houses and craft tables was a big hit as well, and we went home very exhausted that afternoon.

April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was a very special day at Lillian's school. Lillian's teacher Ms. Shannika asked us to come into Lillian's class and help the class celebrate her birthday. The birthday ritual involved us talking about each of her four years and her walking a globe around a carpet with a picture of the sun four times. Afterward we treated everyone in the class to yummy pineapple skewers.

Later that morning, the school held an Easter Egg hunt. The kids were set loose to hunt for eggs hidden around the play-yard. Afterwards the Easter Bunny visited and distributed little chocolate eggs to the kids. Lillian was super excited to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, and afterwards she and her friends did a little happy dance around the bunny.

April 17, 2011

Spring Break

This past week was our first school holiday at Lillian's school. With the week off from school and some frequent flyer miles that needed to be used, we decided to take a trip to Florida to visit Grandma Betty and Grandpa Terry at their winter home in Sun City. Florida has everything a four year old could ask for pools, beaches, spray-grounds galore, plus Disney to top it all off.

We started our trip with an outing to the Tampa Aquarium to meet up with Kristen's cousin Bruce, his wife Anna, and their 6 year old daughter Caroline. The girls had a great time seeing all the fish and playing in the fountains at the spray park.

The next day we took a trip to Holmes Beach on the lovely Ana Maria Island. The beach had powdery white sand, gentle waves and warm crystal clear water. Lillian jumped right in and refused to get out, she spent nearly two hours straight bobbing up and down in the surf in her favorite pink floaty ring. Once she got out she bundled herself in a towel and lay down for a nap on the sand.

On Wednesday Lillian and her grandparents had a marathon day at Disney, arriving at 10:30 for 12 hours of Disney action. Lillian was scared by many of the rides, but adored "It's a Small World" and rode it 3 times. There were princesses and parades and it was all she has talked about since. She was surprised to see that Tinker Bell was as big as a regular person, and eventually decided it was just a woman dressed up.

Thursday was Lillian's 4th birthday, we celebrated with cake and princesses. What more does a party need? We had a great week and Lillian is already asking when we can go back!