May 12, 2011

Back to the Farm

This week Lillian started asking about going to visit Farmer Dan at Full Circle Farm. We hadn't been to Full Circle lately for a variety of reasons, but this week the stars aligned and we were able to go on Wednesday afternoon. It turned out that it was a good week to go to the farm, resident farm girl Monsey was there directing mayhem amongst all the kids with two chickens in the play house. Lillian was very excited about the chickens and quickly got over her initial skittishness about the loose chickens. By the end the afternoon she and Monsey were carrying the two chickens all the way back to the coop on the other side of the farm all by themselves. They also found some bamboo branches which they tried to "plant" on the dirt mound. The sight of four toddlers trying to plant the tree was oddly reminiscent of the flag raising at Iwo Jima.

May 6, 2011

Gramm and Pop-Pop's visit

Lillian's Grammy and Pop-Pop came to visit this past weekend to help us celebrate her birthday. On Friday the three of them went out for a special outing while I prepared for Lillian's birthday party. Lillian requested to go out to lunch, so they went out to lunch and then to the nature center and museum at Coyote Point. Here are some pictures that Pop-Pop snapped of the outing

Mother's day Luncheon

Today there was a mother's day celebration at Lillian's school. All the mom's were invited into the class for a concert by the kids, and then enjoyed a lunch prepared by the kids. They have been preparing for this all week, making cake and sandwiches, working on secret projects (the gold picture frame below), and singing lots of songs.

May 1, 2011

Lillian's Fourth Bithday Party

Yesterday was Lillian's fourth birthday party. Lillian had decided weeks ago that she wanted a princess cake for her birthday. Eric was excited to try his hand at making a traditional Swedish Prinsesstaorta. This wasn't quite what Lillian had in mind when she requested a "princess cake", but the results were pretty spectacular and the cake didn't last long once the candles had been blown out. We also head an egg hunt for the kids. Hunting for eggs is a great activity for little kids and Easter Eggs are always in abundant supply this time of year. This year we modified the rules such that the kids were each assigned a color or color combination and told only to hunt for their color eggs. It upped the level of hunting challenge and helped prevent the free-for-all chaos of a typical egg hunt.