June 13, 2013

Tiny Fashonistas

Schools out for the summer, it's time for fun with fashion! Today Lillian put on this crazy outfit for swim camp, a pink bathing suit with a pink leopard leotard on top, leopard print knee socks and fancy purple shoes. Why not, it's only summer camp right? Lillian made an art project with hair gel at camp and decided to use some of the gel to give Nathaniel a fauxhawk, you might remember that Lillian herself got a fauxhawk when she was a baby, it seems only appropriate that Nathaniel should get in on the action too. Fauxhawks might be cool, but his primary fashion choice recently is the food all over the face look. Bellow he models his chocolate face look.


June 3, 2013

Lemos Farm

Lemos farm is one of those places we have driven past hundreds of times and never stopped to visit. We joined a friend with a Groupon deal for a bargain, all-inclusive farm visit. The "farm" has pony rides, hungry goats to feed, ducks and chickens, a little train and a hayride. Plenty of attractions to amuse the kids for a couple of hours. Nathaniel loved his pony ride and showed no fear mounting his tiny horse. Unlike his sister, this guy has no fear when it comes to animals!




We spent Memorial Day weekend visiting Kristen's cousin Bruce and his family in  nearby Modesto. Bruce and his wife Ana have two kids, a little girl and a boy each just a little older than Lillian and Nathaniel. The kids had great fun hanging out with their "cousins" all weekend. We kept things low key to accommodate the little ones nap schedules. We did take a little side trip out to Oakdale to visit the Oakdale cheese factory. The factory was closed for the weekend, but the kids enjoyed seeing the goats, chickens and fish while the rest of us enjoyed some fantastic fresh cheese and bread. We also made fancy cupcakes, and were served many of Gallo's finest wines, by the worlds tiniest sommelier.