October 10, 2009

Harvest Festival

This weekend we had the opportunity to go to a Harvest Festival at High Ground Organics, one of the Two Small Farms that supplies our CSA. It was very exciting to take a tractor pulled hay ride tour of the fields where some of our wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables we receive every week are grown. There were also many animal attractions at the farm including a petting zoo and pony rides. As you may remember from our zoo excursion, Lillian is terrified of petting zoo animals. She did go into the petting zoo today, but refused to touch any of the cute little critters. She tried to feed the goats but ultimately relented and let her friend Samuel feed them instead. Her one small victory of the day was getting her to go for a pony ride. She really wanted to ride the pony, but needed some coaxing. It only took four tires to get her on the pony, and she was a little shaken afterward, but I think she really enjoyed it. You can see a short video of this momentous occasion at the end of this post.

Feeding the goats.

Picking Strawberries.

Walking in the Strawberry fields.

Posing with our strawberries.

Lillian and Samuel on the Hay Ride.

Pumpkins Galore.

Watching the scarecrow building.

Pony ride success after some initial angst.


Michelle said...

That hammer about to go into the scarecrow's head in the second to last picture is quite scary! :)

Andrei R.T. said...
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