August 29, 2009

Zoo Babies

Today we decided to beat the 99 degree heat by heading to the San Francisco Zoo. Thanks to a quirk of nature summertime temperatures in San Francisco are usually about 20 degrees cooler than our home in Mountain View making it a perfect destination for a hot day. Lillian had a great time running from exhibit to exhibit saying hello to all the animal. The relatively small zoo was the perfect size for a toddler. Lillian's least favorite part was the children's petting zoo with it's terrifyingly friendly minutiae goats and sheep. She was much more interested in the ducks swimming around outside the petting zoo and asked if she could get in and go swimming with them. The only animals she was willing to touch at the zoo were the one who don't really look like animals like the tortoise and the Indian Walking Stick.

Lillian's favorite zoo animals, the duckies.

Lillian the butterfly.

Lillian the spider.

Everybody in pink!

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