March 18, 2015

Last Chance Snow

This past weekend we took a last minute trip up to the Sierra for some last chance skiing at Kirkwood. We hadn't seen snow since before Nathaniel was born so the kids were super excited to play in the snow.

Lillian and Kristen skied for a day, and at lunch time Nathaniel strapped on some of his friends little bitty skis and skied for a few minutes. Lillian took a lesson and advanced from the bunny hill at the beginning of the day to the intermediate slope by in the afternoon. The conditions were supper slushy but everyone fun none the less.

The snow may have been too wet and sticky for great skiing, but it was pretty great for building snowmen and rolling snowballs to throw at each other.  Eric and Nathaniel also became expert sledders while the ladies were out skiing.  And of course if you're going to spend the effort building a snowman you need to destroy by throwing snowballs at it.