March 18, 2009

Another Day at the Park

Lillian spends a lot of time at the park playing with her friends. This past Monday our friend Efsun took some pictures of all the activity at the park.

Lillian Alara and Jessie playing in the sand.

Maura with Emma and Maggie, Efsun with Alara, Kathy with Jessie, Jennifer with Cullen and Kristen with Lillian.

March 13, 2009

Lillian's Pigtails

We decided to try putting pigtails in LIllian's hair. It was very cute, but she was clearly confused about the whole thing.

Of course she immediately started trying to pull them out. So we had to distract her with some singing as you see below (you can also get a glimpse of Eric's poor repair job after she pulled one out).

March 8, 2009

Uncle Joe

This past weekend Lillian's uncle Joe came out to visit. On Saturday we went to visit the redwood forest then on to a great lunch in Santa Cruz then to the beach. Here are some scenes from our time at Natural Bridges State beach in Santa Cruz.