November 29, 2009

Family Photos

While in Portland our sister-in-law Deb had the forethought to take some family photos while we were all together, here is a sampling of the photos she snapped.

November 26, 2009

Lillian's first time in the snow

Living on the coast of California means that most winters come and go without any snow. Seeing snow involves going somewhere else, like up into the mountains or to another part of the country. Seeing as Eric and I both hate to drive and Lillian doesn't enjoy riding in the car, we have been reluctant to make the 3 hour drive to the mountains to see snow. So when visiting uncle Joe in Portland we decided to take a little drive up Mount Hood to give Lillian a chance to play in the snow for the first time ever. She didn't like the drive much, but once we arrived she was very excited to play in the snow. She and cousin Raquel did some sledding, although after a few slides Lillian was a little frightened of the big fast hill and decided she would rather wander around in the deep snow and build a snow man. After the snowy fun, we stopped by a brew pub so the kids could warm up by the fire and the adults could enjoy some tasty Portland micro-brew.

Lillian walking around in the deeps snow.

Raquel sledding.

Unlce Joe crashed out at the bottom of the hill.

Lillian and the snow man.

Raquel and Lillian, snugling by the fire.

Thanksgiving Antics

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to venture up to Portland to visit Eric's brother Joe who had recently relocated there from Springfield and his brother Matt who also made the trip to Portland for the holliday. Lillian of course had a blast visiting her cousins and playing with all their cool toys. Here are a few scenes from our Thanksgiving celebration and one short, but amusing video.