February 27, 2009

More Sillyness

When Grannie Elaine arrived for her latest visit, she brought Lillian a new rain coat. Lillian fell in love with it immediately and has been insisting on wearing it at every opportunity, rain or shine.
Lillian is quite the show-off for the camera. Here she is making sure to get her close-up. Take note of the fashion choices. Lillian has started getting very insistent about picking out her own outfits. She's definitely entering the terrible twos, and is demanding to be in charge of everything and ordering everyone around. She tells us to, "come!" and, "go away!" like we do with Nash. Nash has been ignoring her orders for a while so we usually follow his example. Though this strategy has started to back-fire on us. For example, last night we had a disagreement over whether she would be walking or riding in the stroller to the train station. This resulted in half an hour of whining and crying. We keep telling ourselves that there will be less angst once those canine teeth finish coming in. The right top one is almost completely in, and the left top one is poking through the gum. The bottom ones are really swelling the gums, but haven't broken through yet.
But I digress, more silliness! Here she's arranged her babies on the couch so that they are upside down. Lillian has recently discovered the joys of inversion for herself, and decided her babies needed to get in on the act.

Of course here's the big finale where Lillian has to get in on the act with the babies.

Birthday Parties

It's birthday party season, Lillian's friends are all having birthdays so we've been busy attending lots of parties. Here is Lillian at her friend Ellie's party at Chuckie Cheeses last weekend.

Enjoying Mini-Cupcakes with all the other kids.

Learning to play Skee Ball with her daddy.

Riding the Merry Go round (and making silly faces for the camera).

February 14, 2009


Today we went out in search of snow, we quickly realized that the tiny bit of snow that had fallen on the mountain tops around the bay was too inaccessible for us, so we settled for walking around the Alviso Marina which has nice views of the snow capped peaks.
The park has nice boardwalks and some trails around the marsh that was once a marina and before that a seaport serving the San Jose area.

We tried to get Lillian to point to the snow capped mountains but her point was a little off. The trails were too muddy after the rain so we had to stay on the boardwalk. Lillian approved but Nash was a little disappointed.

In other news, we found a recipe for cabbage that Lillian really loves, she scarfed up the Pizzoccheri like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. Eric and I approved too.

February 12, 2009

Superbowl and the End of an Era

Lillian and Eric watched the last bit of the Superbowl, mainly due to a lack of something better to do that Sunday evening. Lillian decided that the occasion was worth dressing up for. Here's her outfit. She considers the blanket over her head to be a hood, and was very insistent that it be up at all times.
She found football to be very exciting, yet very confusing, as is evidenced by this picture.

In other news, Lillian's been going to daycare one day a week since December, and we decided to up that to two days a week so Eric could go back to work full time. February 3rd was Eric's first Tuesday back at work after almost 2 years of daddy days. Just as it was sinking in that the era was ending, Eric learned that our daycare provider's father died, and she needed to fly back to the Ukraine for the rest of the month. So Daddy days continue for a brief while longer, but will soon be drawing to a close. Here's Kristen and Lillian showing Eric what he'll be missing while he's at work.