February 14, 2009


Today we went out in search of snow, we quickly realized that the tiny bit of snow that had fallen on the mountain tops around the bay was too inaccessible for us, so we settled for walking around the Alviso Marina which has nice views of the snow capped peaks.
The park has nice boardwalks and some trails around the marsh that was once a marina and before that a seaport serving the San Jose area.

We tried to get Lillian to point to the snow capped mountains but her point was a little off. The trails were too muddy after the rain so we had to stay on the boardwalk. Lillian approved but Nash was a little disappointed.

In other news, we found a recipe for cabbage that Lillian really loves, she scarfed up the Pizzoccheri like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. Eric and I approved too.

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Ron and Julia said...

yum!! we'll have to try that when our cabbage comes in. It's just starting to form a head in our garden.