September 28, 2012

Nathaniel at 10 Months

Nathaniel had his 9 month checkup recently and the mirror next to the exam table at the doctors office was a big hit! As far as his growth stats go, he is 29 inches long, and 20 pounds, pretty close to average for his age, his head size though is in the 90th percentile. Much like his father he struggles to find hats that fit his enormous cranium. If he keeps this up we may have to start calling him HEAD. Don't worry though, we won't be letting him cry him self to sleep on his huge pillow.

September 19, 2012

SF Zoo

It's been a long time since we've been to the zoo. Three years to be exact! So when Lillian started asking about going to the Zoo, we thought it was a great idea. Our trip to the San Francisco Zoo was delayed by one week by an unexpected and short lived fever. One of the biggest highlights of the trip was the playground with some seriously old school playground equipment. Lillian has recently mastered the monkey-bars and the rings were a new challenge to be conquered. This visit unlike the last, we were able to see just about everything, as her 5 year old legs had much more stamina than her 3 year old ones. Nathaniel enjoyed riding in the carrier checking out all the sights and sounds, he even managed to stay awake for most of the trip.


September 3, 2012

Bike Trek

Kristen recently acquired a bike with a baby seat. Now that the whole family has bikes we decided to try a bicycle outing all the way out to Shoreline Park. Three quarters of our family enjoyed the outing, with the littlest member not too happy about having the strong headwind in his face. On the way back from the park, we ended up sending daddy and Lillian on ahead while mommy let Nathaniel play near a trail-side water fountain.  Nathaniel was very excited to see daddy and Lillian return in the car to take him home.

September 2, 2012


No sooner does he start crawling, than we find Nathaniel climbing up the slide on the playground like a miniature Spider-Man.

They've formed a drum circle...

It's summer, so that means Mountain View is having its biweekly Thursday Night Live celebration.  Downtown is closed to traffic for an evening, and there are lots of great attractions for the whole family.  One of these happened to be an African Drum circle.  Lillian joined her friend Leo from around the corner, who was kind enough to share his Djembe.  Eric with Nathaniel along for the ride also banged along with the beat.  It was so much fun, next thing you know there will be a full blown hippy jam fest.