May 20, 2013

Lillian's First Lost Tooth

Lillian lost her first tooth today. The tooth has been wiggly for a few weeks and today, on the way back from the park, she was able to wiggle it loose. The tooth is now safely tucked under her pillow so that the Tooth Fairy can pay her a visit while she sleeps.


May 13, 2013

Pool Day!

Summer has arrived early here in northern California, temperatures have been in the 80's, on and off, since mid April. We've been itching to go to the pool ever since the weather warmed up, and now our favorite kid friendly pool is now open for the year. Nathaniel spent most of his time splashing around in knee deep water of the kiddie pool, as he is not confident enough yet to wander into the deeper water. Lillian wanted to try out the 9 feet deep big pool and diving board. She was scared at first, but once she got over her fears she was unstoppable. Kristen tried to show Lillian how to dive, but for now she's more interested in cannon balls and belly flops. Eric got some pretty cool action shots of the diving beauties.


May 9, 2013

Everybody Loves a Firetruck

This week Lillian's class took a field trip to the local fire station. Since the field trip was on a Thursday morning, the one morning that Kristen isn't working, and the field trip was scheduled to end before Nathaniel's nap,Kristen and Nathaniel were able to join Lillian's class in the fun at the firehouse. The tour included demonstrations of the firefighters gear and equipment, seeing where the firefighters live while on duty, lessons in fire safety and emergency preparedness, and getting to climb around in a real fire truck.


Eight Dollars Well Spent

This past weekend there was a street festival on nearby Castro St, it was one of many arts and crafts fairs that the city sponsors in the summertime  One of the attractions for kids involved giant air tight inflatable balls that you could go inside and flop around in a pool of water without getting wet. Lillian was fascinated, and quickly decided that she wanted to spend some of her own money to go inside. I must say that the spectacle was almost as entertaining for the parents watching as it was for the kids inside the balls.