April 30, 2012

Lillian's Fancy Number Five

This past Sunday we had a little shindig at our house to celebrate her 5th birthday. The party was fancy costume themed, with lots of little girls dressed as princesses running around. We held a princess themed scavenger hunt where everyone got to run around and collect princess paraphernalia. Eric baked a very fancy princess castle cake with ice cream cone cupcakes arranged around a small sheet cake. The super yummy banana cake Eric made was both fancy and practical, since there were enough cone cupcake towers for all the kids to each have one and sheet cake for the adults who were willing to wait patiently for cake to be sliced. Despite a few "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to" moments, in the end, good times were had by all!


Pretty in Pink Park Day

Last week Lillian, Nathaniel and I spent a quiet afternoon at the park. Lillian practiced her swinging and insisted I take pictures so that she could see what she looks like when she swings. We captured a cool swinging action shot with her pink "cape coat" flying in the breeze. Nathaniel sat and watched, held onto Lillan's pink bow headband while she was swinging. The little guy wears a pink bow like nobody's business.


April 22, 2012


Nathaniel says "I'm a big boy now,

I like to play with toys,

and eat asparagus,

sometimes I get tired and fall asleep,
when I wake up I like to swing,

and at the end of a long day,
all I want is to chew on an ice cold beer bottle."

Hanging with the Family

Our spring break visit with Grammy and Pop-Pop in Arizona included lots of good times hanging out with the family. Particulary with Lillian and Nathaniel's Great Grandma Nora who was thrilled to have a new baby around to snuggle with. After raising five children of her own she was full of parenting advice and stories about her brood.


Like a Fish

Lillian loves the water, everything about being in the water and particularly being under the water. Last year for spring break we went to Florida to visit Grandma Betty and Terry. In Florida Lillian had her first taste of swimming in the big blue ocean and couldn't get enough. This year for spring break we went to Arizona to visit Grammy and Pop-Pop. She is now a year older and has several months of swim lessons under he belt, but she loves being in the water all the same. She was thrilled to go swim in the YMCA pool nearly every day of our visit and spent lots of time playing in the water and practicing her swimming technique. She can now swim in the deep water all by herself as you can see in the video bellow.

Peek-a-boo Nathaniel

April 15, 2012

Lillian Turns Five

After spending a week in Arizona with Grammy and Pop-Pop, the rest of the family flew out to Arizona just before the big day. The big day started with a fancy tea party with Grammys fine china. Later we celebrated with a butterfly cake and a small party with family and friends.

April 2, 2012

The First Birthday Bash

Today we had the first of three birthday celebrations for our soon-to-be 5 year old. This lucky girl got to celebrate her special day with her preschool class. As with tradition, Lillian carried the earth around the sun five times while her class eagerly sang about the months in the year. She and her daddy made cupcakes with sprinkles to share with her class. They were just how she wanted them, and the class devoured them in record time. Coming up next week we will be celebrating over spring break with Grammy and Pop-Pop in Arizona, then finally a big bash for her friends after Spring Break.