March 9, 2016

Biker Buddies

Last weekend the kids geared up for a bike ride out to Deer Hollow Farm. The farm in Los Altos Hills is about 6 miles from home and only slightly uphill. Lillian kicked-butt going up the hills on her mountain bike, Nathaniel rode along in the baby seat. At the farm we pet a baby goat that was only a few days old and watched the silly chicken antics. Nathaniel insisted that we take a picture of the chicken that jumped the fence into the bunny pen so that it could snack on the rabbit food, it was hilarious.

March 2, 2016

Ski Week

We spent the week of Presidents Day at Kirkwood skiing, sledding, throwing snowballs and playing board games. Nathaniel got his first experience skiing at ski school and then joining Grammy for a few carefully guided runs down the bunny hill. Lillian built on her experience from our trip last year and skied her way down many different trails beginner and intermediate trails, working her way up to a trip to the top of the mountain by the end of the week. We also got to enjoy the thrill of being snowed in as a storm doped almost 2 feet of snow.