November 12, 2012

Tea Party Movement

While we're not huge fans of the Tea Party Movement in our household, we do enjoy a warm cup from time to time. This morning we found the kids in a self organized tea party at our newly relocated toddler table. The sunny location and good company certainly warmed their souls on this cold winter day.


November 5, 2012

Nathaniel Turns One

This morning we celebrated Nathaniel's birthday one day early with banana cake with chocolate frosting and one little candle. Eric managed to not find the same recipe he used for Lillian's cake earlier in the year, so it was a little more banana-bready than we might have liked but still good.  The whipped chocolate ganache got rave reviews all around though. We followed it up with a park celebration with all his big sister's buddies. The girls decorated the party area in the park with grass clippings. They got him presents which were a stump from a bush that was found in the park, a wand cobbled together from a used up glow stick, and finally there was performance art that involved dancing on the picnic tables and doing gymnastics in the grass. He found the whole thing a little disturbing, and rightly so. Happy Birthday little guy!

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November 1, 2012

Spooky Good Times!

This has been a full week of Halloween festivities. Last weekend our friend Katherine hosted a pumpkin carving party with a spooky alley and lots good fun for all the kids. We forgot Lillian's costume so she dressed up in one of Rebecca's fancy dresses for the costume parade. On the big day Lillian's school started the day with a Halloween concert for the parents.  Then her class had a Halloween party followed by a school-wide costume parade. This time we remembered the costume so Lillian got to scare her classmates with the scary shark costume that she found at a rummage sale a few weeks ago. The school parade also featured a spooky zombie dance by the teachers. Later that evening we gathered with some friends to go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Lillian was far more excited about visiting our local haunted house (or haunted volcano as the case may be) than collecting candy so we didn't visit many houses. Nathaniel dressed up as a giraffe and went along for the ride. He enjoyed riding on his mom's back and watching all the crazy action from the big kids.