July 19, 2013

Lillian's Gallery

Lillian has been very busy this summer with family visits, camps and play-dates, but she has also been finding time for her favorite leisure activity, drawing. Here are some of the lovely works of art she has created over the past month of vacation.


July 14, 2013

Bobcats and Cranes

Nathaniel loves Bobcats and Cranes. It has become a favorite outing recently, touring all the neighborhood construction sites to see the machines at work. Last week we happened upon a busy site with two Bobcats hard at work! And they were actually Bobcat brand machines, despite his use of the term for all construction equipment that aren't easily identifiable cranes.


July 12, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Grandma Betty and Grandpa Terry visited last week. It was a whirlwind of activity. These kids like to keep busy and Grandma and Grandpa were treated to many fun outings including a trip to the Children's Discovery Museum, Coyote Point Park and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. There was also lots of library visits, book reading, backyard swinging, trips to the park and pool. Most of the pictures from this trip were taken by Grandma Betty, who captured some really great moments, such as the mid-air action shot of Lillian.


Water Play

We had heard a rumor that the sprinklers at the local park turn on sometime after 8:00, but we hadn't ever been at the park at that late hour.  Until the evening of 4th of July that is, when at 8:15 the sprinklers suddenly turned on! Lillian had so much fun frolicking in the sprinklers on that hot sticky evening. The frolicking was followed by a quick shower and a trip to view the fireworks with some friends.  

Nathaniel has been getting his fair share of water play too. The water spigots for the sand box have been turned on at all the parks, and Nathaniel loves the wet sand. Not just playing and building with the wet sand, but rolling around in the muddy sand and smearing it all over his body. This boy loves textures and wet sand is right up his alley. Of course once he is covered with wet sand, he thinks it is yucky and demands to have his soggy clothes removed. After getting his clothes completely covered in wet sand he had to take a mostly naked ride in the bike seat back home from Eagle Park.


Just call me Shirley

When Grammy visited a couple of weeks ago, she bought Lillian her very own set of curlers. Lillian has had great fun experimenting with curly hair. Some say that with curly hair she resembles a young Shirley Temple.


July 3, 2013


On a recent trip to the pool we forgot to bring a change of clothes for Lillian to wear after swimming. The solution, wear her brother's 18 month size clothes. His clothes actually fit her quite well despite the fact that she normally wears a size 6. After that realization Lillian was excited to put some of her clothes on her little brother so they could both wear each other's clothes. A size 5 t-shirt and shorts seemed to work OK for the little guy, and he only looked a little bit girly.