November 9, 2015

Nathaniel's 4th Birthday

Nathaniel successfully achieved 4 this past week.  He assured us Friday morning that he feels way bigger than he did the day before.  There were orange slices and chocolate covered raisins at his school, while he got to wear the paper crown and run a circle around the sun 4 times.  He gave specific instructions that he needed a Swedish Princess Cake like the ones we've been making Lillian, only his needed to look like fire.  His party on Sunday was a bit wet due to a light rain that passed through right before party time.  But it soon cleared off and lots of friends came out to help our big guy celebrate.

November 2, 2015

Happy Haloween!

Halloween is the kids favorite holiday, the costumes, candy, and fun, fun fun. This year Nathaniel's class dressed up as Mr Potato heads and paraded around the neighborhood. The girls wore strawberry costumes and the older kids were piggies. Later in the week Lillian dressed up as the Paper Bag Princess and paraded with her classmates, getting a special shout out from her principal for the creativity of her costume. Saturday was the big day, we headed out trick-or-treating with a big group of friends. Lillian in her Paper Bag Princess costume and Nathaniel dressed up as a dragon-knight in shining armor. The kids collected much candy and also had fun giving out candy to the older kids who stopped by after they were done trick-or-treating.