September 3, 2009

A day of many firsts

What a day. Lillian woke us up bright and early as usual, but lulled us into complacency by deciding to snuggle in our bed. Once she had both of us lying down again, she popped out of bed, and wandered out into the house. We were tired, and too comfortable, and it was reasonably quiet out there so we let it go for a few minutes. Then we heard her banging around in the kitchen. We forced ourselves to overcome the lure of bed to investigate and this is what we saw.

A bowl with a little bit of dry cereal had been left on the table from the night before. She got the milk out of the fridge, and emptied the whole thing into her bowl. Surprisingly she managed to get most of it in the bowl successfully with only a little spilling on the table cloth. As you can see she was extremely proud of herself. Unfortunately the milk had turned bad and we had to dump the whole thing.

Our day proceeded as usual with Lillian going to daycare. After daycare, Kristen took Lillian into the office for a product launch celebration. Lillian got bored withe speeches, and wandered off. While doing so, she managed to get tangled up in the cords from the blinds, and face-planted on the carpet. This caused her bottom front teeth to pierce her lower lip. Kristen and Lillian had to abandon the party missing out on the cake and champagne, rushing to urgent care. Kristen gave Eric a call to tell him what was going on, but then her phone died before they could figure out which facility they should go to. While Eric stressed at home clueless, Lillian got two stitches.
She's handled it pretty well, all things considered. She still wants to smile for the camera.

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