October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Lillian is finally old enough to participate in Halloween. She didn't really understand what was going on, but she was really excited when Grammy showed up with a fancy princess dress. Kristen rigged up a matching hat (though Eric gets credit for the hat concept) and she was set. She's got fairy wings too, and you can see it's very exciting.

Of course she's a seasoned pro at posing for the camera, so she quickly regains her composure.

Our first stop of the evening was our neighborhood's famous haunted house. It's a little intense, so she needed to hang on to daddy for protection.

Here's the reaction shot for the haunted house. Eric is looking a little concerned too.

At a certain point during the evening Lillian figured out that Trick-or-treating means going to people's houses and getting candy. Then she got really excited.

While we were out we ran into Emily and Britta. Trick-or-treating is even more fun with a friend.

The princess and the lady-bug out on the town.

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