October 23, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Grandpa Terry and Grandma Betty came to visit us last weekend. Lillian had a great time showing them all her latest tricks, especially how she can transform into a different, crankier person when she refuses to nap. But who can sleep with so much excitement? Grandma and Grandpa picked a really interesting weekend to visit, since we were right in the middle of buying a house! We managed to arrange a tour of the house while they were here, and Grandma took lots of pictures.

Grandpa takes a turn pushing Lillian and Jessie in the swings.
Grandpa escorting our farm-girl at Ardenwood Farm. Grandma's hat really completes the image with the overalls. Did you know that overalls were the original Baby Bjorn? I suspect the name (Swedish for bear) came from the Teddy Bears that fit so perfectly in that bib...
Here's the view of our new house from the street. You gotta love that white picket fence.
Lillian and Nash hanging out in the front yard. One of the things we love best about this house is that so little space is wasted on a front yard so there is plenty of room in the backyard.

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Amy said...

A house? How exciting. Congrats!