September 23, 2013

The Shortest Camping Trip Ever

Some parents from Lillian's elementary school organize a yearly camping outing in over a weekend in September. Last year Eric and Lillian attended while Kristen and then 10 month old Nathaniel stayed home. This year, we were excited that Nathaniel was at a perfect age to go camping with the group too. Our first camping experience as a family of four. Mother Nature had something else in mind. September in California is usually reliably warm and sunny, but this year were were visited by a freak September rain storm. The rain started on Friday night and when we arrived at the campsite on Saturday morning and found the cold soggy campers who had gotten soaked while camping Friday night and were ready to head home. That, combined with even more rain, Saturday afternoon convinced us to turn around and head home as well. We did manage to get in a short hike with the kids in the foggy forest before heading back to our dry warm house.


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