September 23, 2014

Another Vacation in Paradise

We're finally catching up on some long overdue blogging. The past few month have been very hectic and we haven't had time to download pictures and update blogs for quite some time but we will do our best to catch up and get everything up to date over the next few weeks.

This year we returned to Kauai for another McGuire-Husky family vacation Renting the same house with Grammy and PopPop for two weeks. The kids enjoyed many hours splashing in the surf and exploring the beach. Lillian loved exploring under water with her goggles and identifying the many colorful fishes, Nathaniel loved floating in the surf with his floaty and riding on his daddy's back. Everyone agreed that Tunnels beach was their favorite with it's many interesting fish, friendly sea turtles and beautiful white sand. If only it had enough parking. . . 

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