July 5, 2011

Uncle Matt and Aunt Jen's Big Day

Last week was Lillian's Uncle Matt and Aunt Jen's big day. It was also a big day for Lillian who got to be a flower girl in the big wedding. She had been gearing up for the event for weeks and was super excited about wearing a fancy dress, carrying flowers, and marching in with her cousins Lucas and Raquel. Unfortunately, the day before the wedding she was struck down with a nasty stomach flu. With lots of TLC and a little ibuprofen she was able to make it through the big day, although the wedding photographer complained that she couldn't catch a smile.

Despite the bad circumstances, Lillian still had a great time. She even participated in some of the contra dancing featured at the reception.

I've collected a bunch more pictures into a Web Album. Grandma Betty also set up a Web Album with tons of photos. Thanks to Meise Fahsl for sharing even more wonderful pictures of the event. If you want to learn more about the bride and groom they have set up a fabulous wedding website.

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