July 31, 2011

The Golden Gate Bridge

This past week when we were driving around we heard a traffic report talking about the Golden Gate Bridge. Lillian chimed in that she didn't know what the Golden Gate Bridge looked like. I told her that she had been to the bridge a long time ago, but probably didn't remember it. She really wanted to see what it looked like so this Saturday when we found our selves with no prior commitments, we headed up to San Francisco for the day with the goal of getting a good long look at the Golden Gate Bridge. There are lots of ways to see the bridge, but many of them have drawbacks. You can drive across it, but that is kind of boring. You can also walk and bike across it, but that's kind of dangerous. Hiking to it or under it can be an interesting way to view it, but I thought we could really up the fun factor by taking a boat ride across the bay to get a good look at the bridge from the water. We took the Golden Gate Ferry from the historic San Francisco Ferry Building across the bay to the scenic town of Sausalito. While there we spent a few hours browsing around town and enjoyed a little snack, then took the ferry back to San Francisco to have dinner at the Ferry Building's gourmet market before heading back home. It was a fun little adventure for everyone.

Windy ride on the ferry's front deck.

The Golden Gate Bridge in all it's foggy glory.

Enjoying the wind free views from ferry's indoor lounge.

Modeling giant hats at the Ferry Building Market.

Doing a little happy dance in Justin Herman Plaza.

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