July 5, 2011

The Land of Lincoln

We spent much of our week long vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Springfield with various family members either sick or recovering. After a couple of visits to the Springfield clinic and a few days on antibiotics everyone finally started to feel better.

After dealing with all the sickness, we had a couple of days where everyone was well enough to get out of the house. After contemplating all the various Lincoln site options scattered around Springfield, we decided to take Lillian to see the historic village of New Salem where Lincoln had lived as a young adult before moving to Springfield to start his law practice and political career. The historic site was full of log cabins, vibrant gardens and costumed docents who told tales of life on the rustic western frontier of the 1830s.

The long trip back from Springfield to St. Louis and then the late evening flight to California meant that Lillian passed out on the flight. After being reluctantly awoken from a deep slumber when the flight arrived at SFO she treated us to all manner of intriguing non-sequesters on the drive home from the airport. She was also excited to see a few 4th of July fireworks going off above us on the highway. But she didn't last long, and thankfully passed out again quickly once we got her home in bed.

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