August 28, 2010

Duck Ponds, Bike Rides and Pie

With Lillian feeling better after being sick last week we were all ready to dive right into our regular activities this week. On Friday, before heading to our usual Friday lunch play-date, we stopped by the duck pond in Central Park in nearby Santa Clara. The park is very close to where we lived when we first moved out to California and we used to frequent the pond regularly, but haven't been back since we moved to Mountain View several years ago. Lillian's love of ducks is well known so it was the perfect place to kill some time watching the friendly ducks do their ducky thing.

Today, we planned a very special outing. Lillian is getting to be a very proficient biker so today she and her daddy both mounted their bikes and set out on a ride on the nearby Stevens Creek trail. They rode on their bikes out to a spot about two miles out from our house that has loads of blackberry bushes and picked enough berries to bring home and make a super-yummy, rustic berry tart (the crust recipe can be found here but the filling was just the blackberries with a little sugar and corn starch).

Lillian and the ducks.

The Duck Pond.

Yummy wild berry tart!

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