August 21, 2010

Boating on the Lake

After returning from our fun and exciting vacation, Lillian fell sick with Strep throat and spent most of the week laying on the couch watching TV. By Saturday the antibiotics were doing their trick and we were all tired of hanging out at home so we headed out for a fun outing that would entertain Lillian yet not require too much effort on all of our parts. We went out to Shoreline Lake in Mountain View and rented a paddle boat to cruise around the lake. Despite a strong headwind, cramped seats, and a not-so-helpful little girl who wanted to steer the boat all by herself (we paddled around in circles several times), we still managed to make it all the way across the lake and back. We also miraculously remembered to bring the camera along so we actually have pictures of this outing.

The family making slow progress across the lake.

The view from the middle of Shoreline Lake.

This has nothing to do with our outing today but I found this weeks old video on the camera when I downloaded our pictures for the day. Lillian showing off her moves to a bad synthesized version of the Bananarama song "Venus".

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