September 5, 2010


Just as we had last year, this year we again attended our stroller hiking group's annual camping trip. We traveled again to a little spot in the hills near Soquel, CA. There we joined up with a horde of small children and their families to spend the night in a tent, roast marshmallows, build fortresses by the stream, stargaze, harass dogs, and of course do a little hiking. While the people in our family enjoy camping, Nash was in doggy heaven, running free without a leash, a creek to swim in, lots of kids to throw sticks, other dogs around who help him figure out the pecking order*, and friendly grown ups who give him snacks. This year Lillian's friend Rebecca and her family came out as well, which made for even more excitement than last year. I'm not sure how we will top the experience next year.
* Nash is a beta dog, always has been, and always will be.

Lillian and Rebecca eating goodies by the campfire.

The campfire, site of Eric's masterful marshmallow roasting.

Baby Penelope and Nash by the campfire.

Lillian at the creek with a really big stick. Nash proved unable to fetch this one.

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