September 23, 2010

Cousins in all shapes and sizes

Today, Lillian learned an important lesson: that cousins come in all shapes and sizes, and cousins can be mommies too. When I told her that my cousin Brooke was coming to visit today with her husband Karl and two kids Kyra and Kylie she was very excited. But when they all arrived she was very, very confused. "Where is cousin Brooke?" she asked. When I pointed out that Brooke was Kyra and Kylie's mommy, she was even more confused. "Why isn't she little like me? How can Brooke be a cousin and a Mommy?" her little mind pondered, followed by the inevitable breakdown to just repeating "Why, why?!?" Before this visit her experience with cousins has been limited to her cousins Lucas and Raquel who are other little kids. She was completely blown away by the fact that Mommy and Daddy have cousins too, that these are also her cousins, and cousins can grow up and have kids of their own (who are also cousins). The concept still seems a little fuzzy for her but she seems to have taken our word for it. Once she figured everything out, she had great fun playing tea party with Kyra and Kylie and politely sharing a table with the two sisters at dinner.

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