October 2, 2010

The Dentist

Lillian had her first real trip to the dentist this week. Earlier in the year she had tagged along on Kristen's appointment, but this time she had an appointment of her very own. She got her teeth cleaned and counted. She was thoroughly examined and even had x-rays taken. She was very cooperative, though a little confused about what she was supposed to be doing during the x-rays. Her teeth were declared to be healthy, and she seemed to enjoy herself thoroughly.

After the dentist it was lunch time, so Kristen and Lillian went to the nearby Valley Fair mall for some celebratory escalator rides and sushi boats. While perusing the Gap, Lillian managed to get Video Killed the Radio Star stuck in her head, and spent the rest of the day serenading us (the only line she picked up was "Video killed the radio star" which she repeated at least 1000 times).

Keeping an eye on our hygienist Elvie.
Cleaning in progress
Clean teeth at the mall.

Escalators ahoy!

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