October 30, 2010

Pre-Haloween Madness

Lillian has been eagerly anticipating Halloween for most of the past year. Costumes, candy, parties, what's not to love? Haloween events got kicked off yesterday with a party and costume contest at Daddy's office. Lillian got all dolled up in her princess dress for the event. Everyone thought she was darling, and they awarded her winner of the office wide costume contest (the prize is $15 at Coldstone!). Today we were invited over to our friend's house for a group pumpkin carving party. Lillian helped decide what shapes to use for the pumpkin's face while Daddy and Mommy worked on the gutting and carving of the pumpkin. The resulting Jack-O-Lantern was pretty cute.

Blast from the past: these pictures may seem vaguely similar. Lillian's costume is almost exactly the same as last year's costume, same dress (made by Grammy) with a new (much taller) princess hat. The location of the pumpkin carving pictures may look familiar too since they were at our old house which is where our friends Katherine and Jessie now live.

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