March 4, 2010


A few months ago our friend Lisa decided to start having monthly potlucks for all the families in our baby group. The potlucks are a fun way for the dads to get to know each other and to give the kids even more opportunities to play with their friends. This month is was our friend Efsun's turn to host. As usual Efsun provided us with lots of wonderful Turkish food and warm hospitality that puts us all to shame. Next month it's our turn to host and though we're not sure we can match up, we will try.

Thanks again to Lisa for taking pictures!

Yum, look at all that good food! Lillian wants some of that.

Eric helps himself to some too.

We managed to get almost all the kids lined up on the couch for a photo until Samuel (the only little boy in the bunch not counting baby Marc) decided to escape.

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