March 27, 2010


The title here is a bit of an inside joke. Lillian's cousins love a TV show called The Backyardigans about a group of characters who play in the backyard and often referred to it as Bartagins. Anyway, now that the winter rains are mostly over and spring has sprung here in California we have been spending a lot of time outside. Our new house has a great big backyard (by California standards anyway) which Lillian is at the perfect age to enjoy exploring.

Lillian has also been learning how to use new forms of transport. Over the winter she mastered riding the tricycle and now she is working on learning to use a scooter, we hope to try a balance bike next.

Of course proper safety is key with all of these new modes of transit, so we got Lillian a helmet. She was so excited about it she wore it all afternoon.

Lillian has also become quite the croquet buff as well. She likes setting up the course more than actually hitting the balls with the mallet.

Here she is hammering the stakes in for her own custom course.

Of course the most exciting form of transit is Nash riding. Nash didn't appreciate it very much, but he was a good sport as always.

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