March 6, 2010

Chandiler, Curtians and Ikea

We've been very much looking forward to resuming our weekend routine, (being lazy, going out for some fun baby-centric outings, walking to the farmer's market) but alas our work on the new house isn't quite done so we're trying to squeeze in a few chores to our typical routine.

This morning Eric got busy installing one of the last new lighting fixtures for our new home, a Tiffany style chandelier that hangs over the dining table. Eric has become quite the expert in home electrical so the chandelier went up in a flash.

After hanging the chandelier we took a little lunchtime trip to Ikea and we were surprised and delighted to find that they were offering amazingly inexpensive plates of Swedish meatballs today. Lillian also made her first trip into the småland playroom where she was able to climb and play with lots of other kids while we shopped for a few odds and ends we needed for the house.

Here are some pictures of our new chandelier and the beautiful new curtains that we finally got around to hanging up.

Lillian enjoying her evening snack of nuts and raisins under the warm glow of the new lighting fixture.

Kristen is very happy with her new light. And check out those curtains Elaine made!

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