March 1, 2010


Spring has come again, and these days that means it is birthday season. Lillian has been talking about birthdays since last summer when the previous wave of partying ran its course (with a brief interlude for Christmas in between). She's been waiting for parties and cake for quite a long time, and finally it is happening!

Ellie's birthday is one of the first in the bunch, this year Ellie had her birthday party at the "Little Gym". The party featured a program that incuded lots of running, bouncing and playing. The first activity involved the kids lining up to slam themselves into a giant cake shaped mat while the other kids chanted "slam that cake". Lillian was so excited at the prospect of slamming the cake that she kept trying to cut in line. She also had a great time using the gymnastics equipment.

Thanks to Lisa and her snazzy new camera we actually have some images from the big event.

Lillian patiently waiting for instruction.

Lillian and Jessie on the uneven bars, those two have been pretty inseparable lately.

When Lillian saw this picture on the computer she said "That was Ellie's party, I was pretty there!". Yes, yes she was.

Lillian's daddy helps her out on the balance beam while Jessie cheers her on.

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Kathy Sprinkle said...

AWWW Our girls are the best!