July 13, 2010

Klaus's House

This past weekend we visited our dear friends Ryan and Joanna and their son Klaus. They are living in Santa Monica while Joanna is on sabbatical from her professorship at Texas A&M. Since the sabbatical is about to end and they will be returning to Texas at the end of the month we decided that we should try to squeeze in a little visit while they are still living in California. The visit involved a 5 hour drive each way but Lillian was a trouper and sat patiently in her car seat for the long boring drive down the I-5, looking out the window and listening to stories on CD.

Lillian and Klaus go way back, and even though we rarely get to visit, they are always delighted to see one and other. The last time we saw Klaus, he and Lillian clicked instantly and ran off to play with little supervision necessary, the same was true with this visit. The two immediately ran off and starting having cute a toddler sized discussion about all sorts of important things.

While in Santa Monica we also visited with Lillian's Auntie Erin and had the opportunity to attend her boyfriend Preston's birthday bash. We also got to see some of the sights around Santa Monica and Eat some truly outstanding food.

Enjoying a frosty beverage while driving through the scorching San Joaquin Valley on our way to Santa Monica.

Lillian and Klaus riding the Big Blue Bus.

Lillian at the playground next to the Santa Monica Pier while we waited for the historic carousel to open.

Waiting for her yogurt at Pinkberry at the Third Street Promenade.

Klaus, being one smart cookie, is already able to read at age 3 1/2, this made bedtime even easier since Klaus can read bedtime stories to Lillian.

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