June 26, 2010

Happy Hollow

This weekend we made our first trip to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo. The park is recently re-opened after being closed for remodeling for the past two years. Happy Hollow has a small zoo and a small amusement park, this smallness makes it a perfect spot for small children with small legs and even smaller attention spans. Lillian had a blast visiting the animals. On the way there she informed us that she was most eager to see the ducks. The zoo had a nice variety of kid favorite animals but unlike the San Francisco Zoo there are no ducks. Thankfully she was not too disappointed with the lack of ducks at this zoo. The park also has a variety of old fashioned kiddie rides and brand new playgrounds. Lillian got to ride her very first roller coaster. When it came time to leave Lillian protested and told us that she wanted to stay there forever. Ah, if only real life were as exciting as an amusement park.

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Anonymous said...

She gets cuter every day. Wish I were there.