July 19, 2010

Back to the Park

The past couple of weeks have been busy with holidays and travel, so we have missed out on two weeks of our regular Monday park play-date with our friends. Today we made up for lost park time by spending five solid hours hanging out at the park. Lillian was thrilled to see all of her favorite little people and even managed to make a few new friends along the way. I should also mention that today she was not our usual Lillian self but a baby bird, complete with wings. Sure the wings are fairy wings (and last night when she put them on she was "Little Kid Fairy") but today they were bird wings. Lillian has taken to pretending to be a bird, and her friend Jessie loves to play right along. Just the other day we were puzzled to see Jessie sitting on top of Lillian only to hear that Jessie was sitting on-top of Lillian in an effort to "hatch" her into a baby little bird. The pretend play is pretty cute and very entertaining for all involved.

Lillian shows off her birdie wings.

Lillian bird and Jessie bird sitting in the tree, because that's what birds do.

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