January 25, 2008

Passion for Good Food and Good Books

Much like her parents, Lillian has a passion for good food and good books.

She loves to eat and will eat just about any fruit or vegetable you offer her. We have been making all her food right from the beginning, so I don't know what she would think of the jarred stuff. Recently she decided to take this passion to a new level by feeding herself. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to know which end of the spoon has the food on it. She also thinks that the sweet potatoes make a lovely facial moisturizer and oatmeal works well as styling product. Or maybe she is just conning us into giving her a bath. She sure does love bath time.

Lillian also has a passion for good books. It's been pretty rainy here lately so Lillian has been spending lots of time playing in the house. She is an expert crawler and cruiser now and has lots of fun exploring all the nooks and crannies of our house. She loves crawling over to the coffee table and pulling all the books onto the floor. All her favorite baby books are located on the coffee table so perhaps she wants to read. Getting into the books on the table also seems to distract her from the shoes under the table. Nash never showed much interest in chewing on our shoes (such a good boy!), but Lillian sure does. Lillian also likes chewing on Nash's dog toys. We suspect she may be working on her 3rd and 4th tooth so we are willing to cut her some slack for now.

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