February 6, 2008

More Major Milestones

This weekend I mistakenly deleted a weeks worth of pictures and video from the camera before I had a chance to download them, so you will just have to use your imagination for this post.

This week Lillian learned how to turn the pages in her books and flip the little flaps in her flap books. She now eagerly turns each page of the book when you are reading to her. Sometimes she is a little too eager and ends up getting an abridged version of the story. We had some video of her turning the pages of her book, but it was lost with the rest of the pictures.

We also lost a picture of Lillian's first poop in the potty (not sure if anyone actually wanted to see that picture anyway). Inspired by several friends who have tired elimination communication we started putting Lillian on the potty a few times a day to see what she would do. She seemed to get the point right from the start. Hopefully this will save us a few diapers and make for easier potty training down the line.

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