January 12, 2008

Cruising, with a little help from her friends

Now that Lillian has figured out how to crawl it has opened up a world of possibilities. She now has access to more fun things than she had ever dreamed of. Recently she climbed into Nash's kennel and stole his red bone. Of course Nash, ever the good sport, is willing to share his toys and happy to have some company in his kennel. He's even made some preliminary attempts to teach her the game of tug, though neither of them really has the attention span to get very far.

Now that Lillian is a master crawler she is moving on to other challenges, like pulling up, standing and cruising. Nash is very helpful in these endeavors, giving Lillian something to grab onto to pull herself up and providing a soft landing if she falls.

However Nash can't be there all the time. Sometimes disaster strikes and there is no one there to catch Lillian when she falls. That is the peril of mastering a new skill. Don't worry, Lillian's pride was the only thing hurt in the making of this film.

We also added some more pictures to the Christmas Web album.

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julia said...

I didn't see that head bump coming. oh well. that's all part of the process isn't it?