April 24, 2014

Lillian's 7th Birthday

Lillian turned 7 this past week, and despite the whole family getting sick with a stomach bug, we managed to pull off a pretty awesome birthday celebration. We celebrated in her classroom on Friday with her birthday buddy Jaz, who shares the exact same birthday as Lillian. The party had to be delayed due to Passover and her illness, but by Friday both birthday kids were ready to share rainbow fruit-kebabs and 'frutamilas' (animals made out of fruit) with their class.

Lillian specifically requested a blue princess cake with white flowers for her birthday party. Eric was able to deliver on the request with some pretty awesome results. Eric baked the cake and layered it up with jam, custard and whipped cream, while Lillian helped out sculpting the flowers out of marzipan all by herself. The cake was a masterpiece, and kids and parents agreed and quickly gobbled it up. 

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