April 21, 2014

Everything is Awesome . . . at Legoland

We made a requisite trip to a theme park while in Florida with a visit to Legoland. We've been hearing great things about Legoland in California, but haven't make it down to San Diego yet so we decided to eschew Disney and opt for Legoland instead. Legoland has taken over the former Cyprus Gardens in central Florida and the former gardens are still there, complete with Lego ladies in fancy dresses and Lego-men water skiers. The main attraction is the grotto full of fantastic Lego miniatures of landmarks from around the country. Nathaniel could have spent hours checking out the creations, but there were a lot of other things to see, such as meeting Emmett from the Lego movie.  The most memorable ride was "driving school," where kids were able to drive little Lego themed cars around a track. Nathaniel tried out the one for kids 3-5 with some pretty entertaining results (2 and 5 months counts as 3, right?). He really had no clue what he was doing and didn't manage to get the car to go more than a few feet from where he started. Lillian got to try out the version for kids 6-11 which featured a realistic road with traffic lights, stop signs and intersections. Lillian did marginally better than Nathaniel since she was able to get her car to go, but proceeded to drive on the wrong side of the road, ignore signage, and get her self stuck against the curb many times. Thankfully, we've got 9 more years before she actually starts driving.

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