April 17, 2013

Spring Break

This past week was Lillian's school spring break. Since we had just returned from Auntie Erin's wedding it seemed silly to turn around and head off for another vacation so we decided to have a stay-cation, we spent our days doing lots of hanging out at home plus visiting some of our favorite local destinations. Without school to worry about, there was time for lots of dress-up and arts and crafts. Lillian made good use of her free time (and the paper that Auntie Erin sent for her birthday) to make elaborate paper crowns for herself an her brother. We visited Stanford's Robot Block Party where Lillian got to play with all sorts of cool robots. We also spent an afternoon at two of our favorite places, Happy Hollow and the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo. Good fun was had by all, but all the activity left us looking forward to a week of normalcy.


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