April 22, 2013

And now we are six . . .

After some initial disappointment that the festivities weren't scheduled for the actual day of her birthday, Lillian was excited to have all her friends over to Mercy-Bush park to celebrate her sixth birthday this past weekend. It was a beautiful, sunny day and almost all of her friends came out so it was really nice having the extra space at the park for them to run and climb. The egg hunt for puzzle pieces was somewhat successful, as we only found 94 of the 100 pieces hidden, and many of the kids lost interest in assembling the puzzle. But Lillian's hand-made egg pinata was a big hit, in more ways than one. We were very proud that it held up to more than one hit, yet didn't require the adults to smash it open. Finally, at Lillian's request we had a stacked tower of cupcakes with pink frosting except for one with a white rose at the top just for the birthday girl.  Happy Birthday Lillian!


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