February 28, 2011

Trip to the Snow

Here in they bay area it almost never snows, but in just a few hours you can drive up into the Sierra Nevada mountains where it snows all winter long. This past weekend we packed up the car and headed up to the mountains for a weekend of skiing and snow play with a group of friends. Heavy snow had been predicted so we left early in an attempt to beat the snow storm, we just barely made it through the pass before the chain control was enforced. It snowed heavily on Friday and our attempt at a day of skiing was thwarted when high winds closed all the lifts for the day, thankfully we were given free lift passes to come back and try to ski again on Sunday. Lillian did get in a ski lesson in at ski school on Friday before we were sent home. The next day we awoke to a winter wonderland with nearly two feet of light fluffy snow, it was perfect for making snow angles and sledding but not so good for building snow men. On Sunday we went back to the mountain for a make up day of skiing, with fresh snow, clear skies and beautiful views of Lake Tahoe it was a glorious day of skiing. Exhausted, and exhilarated we made the long drive back to Mountain View.

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